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Dreaming of the new yuan, dream sailing tour
Edit: XINYUAN ELECTRONIC Release time : 2019-07-12
In order to actively implement the strategic policy of the company's independent training of talents, and grasp the new situation and new ideas of talent cultivation in the new era, in July 2019, the 2019 training camp for the "dream-creating, growing up in the new yuan" was officially launched.

At 9:00 on July 10, the 2019 college students meeting was officially held in the first floor training room of the company. The company’s leading general manager Yuan Weigang, general manager assistant Fan Qingqing, general manager assistant Chen Bin and chief engineer Ma Yixun attended the meeting. Leaders from various departments, college tutors, etc., witnessed the journey of 81 new college students to start their dreams in Singapore.

Yuan Weigang expressed his enthusiasm and pressure on the 2019 college students to join the company. How to provide a better platform for college students? How to make college students happy life? How to better cultivate college students and tap their highlights? This will be the focus of the company in the follow-up training process. At the same time, Yuan Weigang hopes that college students will be grateful in their future work and life, learn to contribute, and carry forward the spirit of Gree.

Finally, Yuan Weigang summed up the college students' on-the-job meeting and proposed four suggestions for college students: adjust their mentality, change their roles, strive to create their own values, learn to actively communicate with others, actively learn, and maintain passion.

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