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Safety Month Activity | Fire Emergency Evacuation Exercise
Edit: XINYUAN ELECTRONIC Release time : 2019-07-01
June 2019 is the country's 18th "Safe Production Month". In order to thoroughly implement the theme of "Safety Prevention, Elimination of Hazards, and Accidents", the national safety production month theme will enhance the safety awareness of all employees and create a wide-ranging safety culture atmosphere. On the morning of June 28, 2019, Xinyuan Electronics organized a simulation of fire escape evacuation drills in the context of a sudden fire alarm. The fire emergency evacuation drill was started by the company's leader Yuan Weigang, and the officers at the scene heard the alarm sound and

There was no tweet or stampede in the whole process. The evacuation process took 3 minutes and 46 seconds. The fire emergency evacuation drill was a complete success.

The entire event site was conducted by Li Xiaodong, the security commissioner, and the assistant general manager Zhou Zhenhua served as the chief conductor. All the staff arranged the teams in order according to the order and counted the number of people. Then Li Xiaodong commented on the evacuation process, emphasizing that some people's attitudes are not serious. Even if they are practicing, we must take seriously the safe escape from the occurrence of real events. I hope that all units will attach great importance to it.

Zhou Zhenhua, the supervisor in charge of the security section, emphasized the problems at the event and publicized the purpose of the exercise. This exercise combined with actual combat to truly test the company's emergency when the company appeared fire alarm. Whether the plan is perfect, whether the emergency equipment is complete, and whether the emergency response of each unit is rapid. At the same time, we also tested our fire brigade's emergency response capabilities and fire rescue capabilities.

General Manager Yuan Weigang gave a speech on the emergency fire evacuation drill: first of all, he affirmed the success of the event, and pointed out the shortcomings and suggestions for improvement in the whole evacuation process.

Emergency rescue is an important part of safe production. Safety work should cover every area. It should include all the personnel in the company. Next, each safety responsibility unit should be put in place. Check the safety hazards and pay attention to whether the whole plant is covered. In each region, improvements should be made as soon as possible to ensure the safety of work and production.

Through this fire drill, the employees' safety awareness and fire-fighting ability were enhanced, and the fire safety common sense was further understood, and the ability to respond to fires was improved. During the fire drill, the organizational, command and resilience of each exercise team was also exercised.

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